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Bulletted list translation (WAS: Re: Abi rocks the socks)

--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> I thought nearly one week on how to translate it,
> rasasa is a
> politically very heavy word, I know. But tarkim
> won't work as tarkim is
> used for another type of bulleting.

Tarkim (or Numbering) isn't the proper word at all. If
you look up the term in Onelook (which we depend on
heavily in translation), you'll find a better
translation, e.g. سَرْد مُنقّط or
لائحة منقّطة or even نُقاط as it
refere to points (dots, squares, circles.. whatever is
used for bullets).

My 2c...


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