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A Roaming Gang of Thugs :-)

I was exchanging some personal mail with Mr. AlRasheedan
and something he said triggered this thought.  Upon reflection
on what Ossama has been doing recently, I thought I'd suggest
it to see what you guys think about it in general (keep in mind
it a mere suggestion, no more no less).

Why not have ALL the translators work on ONE project per week
at a time ?  Recent posts here and elsewhere have noted that
various people are getting very bored from working alone.  This
suggestion would certainly solve that problem.  The idea is to
have all the translators get assigned by the project manager files
to work on for that one week (ie. you get a file, you finish it
and ask for more :-).  Once the week is up all move to another
project and so on.  So for instance, let's assume we have 4
translators on this "roaming gang" plan :-) they would all get
assigned files to work on by Arafat.Me (Gnome coordinator) for one
week, once the week is over they all move on to say Wordlist and
get files assigned to them (by Asr/Ossama) once a week passes by
they all move on to say Mandrake, then Fedora then KDE then... I
think you get the picture ;-)

There are obviously some negatives associated with this idea,

 + coordination might be hectic until a rhythm is established
 + not working on the one thing you love/like
 + etc

but it does seem to solve a couple of recent boredom and loneliness
issues and would seem to make things more fun (the more productive
hands in something, the more fun).

As noted just a thought.

Comments/Suggestions/Ideas/Replies ?


 - Nadim

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