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Re: A Roaming Gang of Thugs :-)

good idea!


Am Mit, den 17.03.2004 schrieb Nadim Shaikli um 21:45:
> I was exchanging some personal mail with Mr. AlRasheedan
> and something he said triggered this thought.  Upon reflection
> on what Ossama has been doing recently, I thought I'd suggest
> it to see what you guys think about it in general (keep in mind
> it a mere suggestion, no more no less).
> Why not have ALL the translators work on ONE project per week
> at a time ?  Recent posts here and elsewhere have noted that
> various people are getting very bored from working alone.  This
> suggestion would certainly solve that problem.  The idea is to
> have all the translators get assigned by the project manager files
> to work on for that one week (ie. you get a file, you finish it
> and ask for more :-).  Once the week is up all move to another
> project and so on.  So for instance, let's assume we have 4
> translators on this "roaming gang" plan :-) they would all get
> assigned files to work on by Arafat.Me (Gnome coordinator) for one
> week, once the week is over they all move on to say Wordlist and
> get files assigned to them (by Asr/Ossama) once a week passes by
> they all move on to say Mandrake, then Fedora then KDE then... I
> think you get the picture ;-)
> There are obviously some negatives associated with this idea,
>  + coordination might be hectic until a rhythm is established
>  + not working on the one thing you love/like
>  + etc
> but it does seem to solve a couple of recent boredom and loneliness
> issues and would seem to make things more fun (the more productive
> hands in something, the more fun).
> As noted just a thought.
> Comments/Suggestions/Ideas/Replies ?
> Salam.
>  - Nadim
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