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Re: A Roaming Gang of Thugs :-)

On Wednesday 17 March 2004 23:45, Nadim Shaikli wrote:

> Why not have ALL the translators work on ONE project per week
> at a time ?

When we say ALL, like how many are there? just curious.

> but it does seem to solve a couple of recent boredom and loneliness
> issues and would seem to make things more fun (the more productive
> hands in something, the more fun).
> As noted just a thought.

Certainly breaks the boredom, but there are 9 translation projects
and in 9 weeks, a project gets moving. I appreciate the thought Nadim,
but the job will be stagnant for a long time. Little what Osama & I are
putting into Wordlist is better than leaving it for 9 weeks. My 2c.
I don't mean to stall the effort but would like to see the outcome of
a project gang-bang, who knows, I could be wrong.
Ahmad Al-rasheedan (http://webhost.fasttelco.com/asr)