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Re: Has my work been actually commited?

--- Yasser Chaddad <chaddadun at bluewin dot ch> wrote:
> I had translated the "KDE/koffice/kdgantt" file using Kbabel at least 3
> weeks ago. However, I did not receive a message from CVS list confirming
> that my file was successfully commited. I also visited the KDE status
> bar to see the status of this file and I found that it is still 0% done.

Then its safe to say that your file(s) wasn't uploaded.

> I do not want to continue working without knowing whether my work is
> successfully commited or not. Now that I know that Zawawi is temporarily
> unable to maintain the kde project, could somebody find out for me
> whether the file on CVS is the one I translated or not? This is
> important for me to know whether I am working the right way or not.

In such situations your best bet is to get on IRC and try to hunt
down someone that can help.  You should _never_ wait 3-weeks to resolve
such issues as files are modified constantly and you run a big risk of
rendering your work immaterial which is not something you or anyone
else would want to see (all efforts should bear fruit :-).


 - Nadim

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