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Re: Has my work been actually commited?

Thank you for your promt reply, Youcef. In fact I had renamed the file
with the po extension instead of pot. I had also followed the same
sequence of commands to replace the pot with the po file and to commit
the new file. I did that twice before. However, when I tried to do it
today, I got the following erros:

1. After the command: $ cvs remove kdgantt.pot, I got: 
cvs remove: nothing known about `kdgantt.pot'

2- After the command: $ cvs add kdgantt.po, I got:
cvs add: nothing known about `kdgantt.po'

But this is the first time that I get the following message after the
command: $ cvs commit

"Enter Log.  Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically
CVS: Committing in .
CVS: Modified Files:
CVS:    translate/wordlist/full_wordlist_U.po
CVS:    translate/wordlist/new/new_words_B.po
CVS: Added Files:
CVS:    translate/kde/kdebase/kio_fonts.po
CVS:    translate/kde/koffice/kdgantt.po
CVS: Removed Files:
CVS:    translate/kde/koffice/kdgantt.pot"

Does this mean that the file kdgantt.po has been now commited? 

I hope I did not make any harm to the world lists mentioned above. I
only had made very minor modifications to them, and that was a long time
ago. I apologize to Ahmed, Ossama or other contributors to the WordList
if they were working on these files. I hope that they can undo waht I


I also did it today for the 3rd time. If it doesn't work, could this
mean that I should be a certain directory to do these command, or is it
OK to be at the Home directory? What wlse could be the problem?

On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 17:20, Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Salam,
> I checked in CVS (http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/translate/kde/koffice/) and 
> it seems that this file is still in POT state. I suppose you that you did not 
> add the PO to CVS.
> When you translate a POT file, you have to rename it to a PO file (after 
> starting to translate it).
> $ kbabel file.pot     (translate the file)
> $ mv file.pot file.po
> $ cvs remove file.pot (removes POT file from the repository)
> $ cvs add file.po     (adds PO file into the repository).
> $ cvs commit
> Please read the corresponding section in the Translator Guide carefully.
> And please please please, continue to work wether Zawawi is here or not (He'll 
> hopefully be back soon).
> Let me know if this worked for you or not,
> Salam,
> On Sunday 07 March 2004 16:27, Yasser Chaddad wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I had translated the "KDE/koffice/kdgantt" file using Kbabel at least 3
> > weeks ago. However, I did not receive a message from CVS list confirming
> > that my file was successfully commited. I also visited the KDE status
> > bar to see the status of this file and I found that it is still 0% done.
> > I do not want to continue working without knowing whether my work is
> > successfully commited or not. Now that I know that Zawawi is temporarily
> > unable to maintain the kde project, could somebody find out for me
> > whether the file on CVS is the one I translated or not? This is
> > important for me to know whether I am working the right way or not.
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Salaam,
> > Yasser
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