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Re: KDE Translations and Sync's

On Yaum al-Arbi'a 12 Jumaada al-Awal 1425 09:05 am, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

> I would recommend that you only work on kdelibs/. Once done, announce it
> and move on to kdebase/. I don't recommend you say we are working on all
> these rather large modules since you are not finishing a module/day --

Then, kdebase and kdelibs. They can easily be finished in one day.

> so there is no point in claiming all those modules in one go.

My point is I can't give the translators any file at random since they would 
face a problem in some linux-specific stuff. This is why it's easier for them 
to be given easy windows-like files which happened to be from different 
modules like: kdepim/kmail, /kdenetwork/kopete.po, ...

Another point is I need to give them rather large files which also happened to 
be from various modules. This is because the time I need to assign short 
files to them and running via the hassle of committing for each one is much 
longer than the time I need to translate them myself.

Now I am not going to commit any thing until saturday, on Saturday, I am 
intending to finish all the files from different modules that happen to 
contain a few remaining untranslated words. I will try to get a deeper 
examination on the other files so from sunday I can give you more accurate 
report about how I am going to proceed. At least, I will try to tell you 
about what files we are going to translated two days ahead.

> In either case, please do the commits 
> yourself then -- with one catch. The first line of each commit should
> read:
> [On Behalf of: username]


> So from 0900 - 1300 UTC I would not make any modifications on CVS,
> otherwise I am free to sync -- I am also being explicit here just in
> case I misunderstood something ;)

May I change this? let it be from 4:30 - 12:00 UTC, please.

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