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Re: KDE Translations and Sync's

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 10:05:49 +0400 Mohammed Elzubeir wrote: >Salam, >I would recommend that you only work on kdelibs/. Once >done, announce it >and move on to kdebase/. I don't recommend you say we are >working on all >these rather large modules since you are not finishing a >module/day -- >so there is no point in claiming all those modules in one >go. > >As far as your CVS commits are concerned. It is too bad >-- that's >obviously a network issue that you need to take care of >in general (and >not a fault of our CVS method). In either case, please do >the commits >yourself then -- with one catch. The first line of each >commit should >read: > >[On Behalf of: username] Ok, all the previous commits are mine, anyway. >Exactly as the format above. Use the username and not >their first name >or last name or full name (I'm being too explicit, I >know). This is just >so I can store the cvs commits under their name in the >database. >I will implement those changes later today hopefully. > >So from 0900 - 1300 UTC I would not make any >modifications on CVS, >otherwise I am free to sync -- I am also being explicit >here just in >case I misunderstood something ;) Elzubeir, would you just exclude today from any agreement. I will explain every thing when I go home. Thanks