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Re: moving away from SGML to XML

--- Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at arabeyes dot org> wrote:
> > 1. If you remove the *space* after <LI> it should
> work
> > fine.
> Hrmm.. how do you do that without having to go back
> and edit the HTML
> output?

Well, maybe we can customize the XSL file and/or the
XML file. I'll check it too.

> When you're writing the document in XML, you
> (well, I) usually
> don't put spaces after tags.. but the generated HTML
> output is a whole
> other story.

Yeah, this is the same story with SGML.

> > 2. You could play with the padding and margin for
> the
> > bullets in general.
> > 
> Right.. but not the direction.

Yes, you can. Example:
li {direction: rtl;padding-right: 4px;}
<ul> هذا بعض النص العربي
<li> ليته يعمل
<li> ما ربأيك؟

Paste the text in an html file and see. With some more
edits, it should do the job.


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