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Re: moving away from SGML to XML

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 13:09, Ossama Khayat wrote:

> Don't know what FOP or PassiveTeX is! I'll try to
> google and get back to you :)

FOP is a Java-based processor to generate typeset documents (e.g.
PDF's). PassiveTeX does the same thing but is written in TeX. I have fop
now setup on sina so I was able to generate PDF's fine (English ones).

But with Arabic PDF's I get "####" for Arabic characters since the font
doesn't have the required glyphs. Not sure how it all ties in together.

> I sent a semi-solution before for this:
> 1. If you remove the *space* after <LI> it should work
> fine.

Hrmm.. how do you do that without having to go back and edit the HTML
output? When you're writing the document in XML, you (well, I) usually
don't put spaces after tags.. but the generated HTML output is a whole
other story.

> 2. You could play with the padding and margin for the
> bullets in general.

Right.. but not the direction.

> Anyway, I'll check the XML file you committed to CVS
> and see what I can do.


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