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Re: moving away from SGML to XML

Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

FOP is a Java-based processor to generate typeset documents (e.g. PDF's). PassiveTeX does the same thing but is written in TeX. I have fop now setup on sina so I was able to generate PDF's fine (English ones).

But with Arabic PDF's I get "####" for Arabic characters since the font
doesn't have the required glyphs. Not sure how it all ties in together.

Are you refering to Apache FOP ? AFAIK it does not have bidi implemented yet. So even when you manage to embed the font, it will be bidi-less.

2. You could play with the padding and margin for the
bullets in general.

Right.. but not the direction.

I haven't seen the HTML file in question, but maybe an align="right" can make a difference.