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Re: Changes to Debian Installer first stage files

--- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian dot org> wrote:
> Quoting Nadim Shaikli (shaikli at yahoo dot com):
> > The reason I ask (and I'm sure the translators would agree with this)
> > is that we in the past had preferred to have multiple smaller files
> > compared to ONE big one.  With multiple files multiple people can work
> > on them simultaneously without fear of conflict where-as with a single
> > file, well that is much much harder.
> I understand. This is the main drawback of the single file scheme. We
> discussed of this among the French team also and the few other teams
> which have more than one active translator face this drawback.
> However, this has several enhancements:
> -far more consistency among translations as new strings "benefit" from
> old translations quite often (this happens for instance with elilo
> templates in the recent release�¿½: they are basically s/LILO/ELILO)
> -less duplicate work (there are a lot of identical strings among
> packages)

I think the above two points can be automatically taken care of by
Kbabel via its "automatic" translation.

> -easier to see status

Hehe, only if they don't have our setup and scripts :-)
> So, for sure, during the PO file build phase, some coordination has be
> be done between translators in order to avoid duplicate work or
> conflicts
> However, as we currently are, with a 95% finished translation for ar,
> I think the maintenance will be easier (this is how I feel it for
> French)
> Anyway, in the future, I plan to have all languages switch to this
> model, even though, strictly speaking, working with the old scheme
> will still be possible.

It might not be my place to say this, but I honestly think this is not
a very good idea.  This is like saying all of Gnome's PO files will be
concatenated into a single file (see what I mean).  I'm not sure what
is involved on the backend (ie. from Debian), but I again (and this
will be the last I say anything about this topic) suggest you discuss
this with the translators (esp. those with multiple team-members) to
fully get their feedback.  I continue to think that they would much
prefer multiple files.


 - Nadim

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