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GNOME prelimenary status report


This is not a monthly status report. I know if I just write one of those you
guys are going to expect me to write more of them :P. But just in case Arafat
is reading the lists, this is for him ;)

The libs branch of the GNOME tree is done (save for a few fuzzies), the desktop
branch is almost done except for gnome-applets-locations, metacity, and a few
files that seem to have problems (I checked POs from other languages and they
all have the same problems at the same strings of the same POs. In other words,
its not our fault).

After these are done we can turn our attention to finishing off as many extras
as possible, but thats not before we finish what we already have.

I would like to hear comments/suggestions if there are any. Consider me the de
facto maintainer of GNOME until Arafat comes back ;)


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