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Re: Generating "test" POs for testing purposes

--- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj <alarfaj0 at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> --- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> [...]
> > Isn't it easy enough now to simply find the application's name (ie.
> > file) and search for the offending string within ?  Is the location
> > of the string within the various .PO files really that much of a
> > mystery ?
> Yes and no. For some applications its obvious which PO they got their
> strings from, but this is not the case with *lib POs. An application
> can get its strings from more than one PO (I think).
> Moreover some POs have thousands of strings, and some of those strings
> _appear_ identical. But to see two English strings are identical doesnt
> mean the translations should be, as context plays a big role in Arabic.

Let me ask you this then (again sorry if all of this seems newbie'ish).
If I were to give you a tar of all the .PO files, would be able to
"install" and use them on your live system ?  If the answer to that
question is yes, then we can create a script to insert custom strings
(or pointer) at each string to note the translations location.  In short,
I'm agreeing with what you are saying (given I can't think of another
way to get around it), but I don't think I'd want to have these "helper
pointers" in .PO files in CVS (tag or no tag) - I think the end-result
can be gotten with a bit of post-processing and reinstall of the .PO's.


 - Nadim

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