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Re: status_bar links to CVS

--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> I want to request from the webpage maintainers to implement some html
> code to make translators download via html the po file from the status
> pages instead of going to cvs, so instead of going here:
> http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/translate/gnome/
> you go here:
> http://www.arabeyes.org/misc/gnome_status_bar.html
> And from the satus page you can download the files like this page:
> http://l10n-status.gnome.org/gnome-2.8/ar/desktop/index.html
> this makes the whole VERY easy and VERY understandable, saves time and
> searching frustrations ;)

Its doable - I'll try to look into this when time allows (now if I can
only figure out what it'll cost ya - I'm sure Abdulaziz and Ayman have
suggestions though I'm thinking 'wordlist' sweat-equity myself ;-)


 - Nadim

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