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Re: GNOME Desktop files

--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> > * In the same file the word foundation is translated as أس in
> > (and yet not all) of its occurrences. The only meaning of the word 
> > I know is power or exponent, which is clearly not what is intended
> > here.
> > 
> "Uss" is right indeed, it is a variation of the word "Asas" I even
> found
> it in Lisan Al3arab ;)

I had no idea, but still, when you here the word 'uss', whats the first
thing that comes to your mind? For me its either power or exponent, and
many users will be like me who will also have no idea its related to

> > people use games!
> > 
> > Another example from epiphany.po:
> > 
> > * The phrase "disk space" is translated as "فضاء القرص",
> > cookie is translated as . and even cookies is translated as
> > !
> Yep a cokie is "kooki" as the word kooki is worldwide transliterated,
> as the meaning is
> not really a cake but a file that stores your personal info when
> browsing a site repeatedly.
> The idea here is that, as this word is transliterated in every
> language
> and its real meaning would be very confusing to translate and to
> explain
> simply using "kooki" is the best and only solution in my eyes.
> Same thing for kookis.

Ok, so we can transliterate is kooki, thats fine with me, but should we
pluralize it as kookis? I really think it should be pluralized in an
Arabic way. kookiyat. Believe some people who dont know English will
not know that kookis means "more than one kooki".

> As for disk space and "fadha ilkurs" I don't see any problem here,
> pls
> can you explain?

Its not wrong, but its not right either. I mean it doesnt sound right.
Masa7at alqurs is more commonly used throughout the other projects and
it just sounds better. When I here the word 'fadha' I dont find myself
thinking of a free space, but of an empty void.

> > As for ignored shaddas, unnecessary hamzas, and general
> non-conformance
> > to new QAC rules, this is evident in _all_ the files almost without
> > exception. But of course we already knew this :)
> > 
> Well as long as there wasn't any rule no one could "ignore" the
> shadda
> and it's rule as there was nothing to ignore ;)

Agreed. I was just prompting you to give me a green light:"Abdulaziz go
and put in those shaddas!" ;)

> or that is plain wrong does not help; coordination, working together,
> discussing and helping each other before making a fast decision is
> every
> time the right path to go!
> Even if a translation is in your eyes totally wrong in it's grammar,
> in
> it's meaning and in it's writing, convincing the other translator
> with
> good arguments makes him mature and accept his mistake and makes you
> grow too!

Maybe for the first time in my life I'm understanding what your trying
to tell me. Am I becoming fluent in ArafatMadSpeak(tm)? ;)

But most of what you said works both ways. What maybe in my eyes
totally wrong might turn out to be totally right, and what maybe in
your eyes totally right might turn out to be totally wrong! But I guess
thats why two or three heads are better than one. You've been working
on GNOME all by yourself the past year because no one was there to help
you. Now you do!

So I ask you, in the paper your going to write on how to do QA on
GNOME, to please not put in a lot of strict rules that the contributors
will have to follow when translating (thats the QAC's job). I suggest
instead that you put forth a team framework, a set of guidelines on how
we can put our ideas forward and discuss them with each other, and
leave room for individual decision-making and freedom. If we get
together and have a meeting over every little change we have to make,
efficiency will be terrible and we wont finish a thing by the deadline.

Thanks again for all your efforts,


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