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Re: [Fwd: Language list for 3.3.0]

On Sat, 2004-08-07 at 15:22, Hicham Amaoui wrote:
> won't make itIt seems that arabic won't make it for kde 3.3.0

Yes, I guess Isam didn't sync what we have on KDE 3.2 with KDE's HEAD to
give us those extra few percentages. Most of the work on KDE has been on
3.2 branch and so HEAD (3.3) didn't get any work done on it for a very
long time.

There was a "chance" we would make it had we made a sync of the 3.2
translate PO's with HEAD -- but even that was a chance and not for sure.

In either case, even if we had made it to 3.3, it wouldn't of have been
a decent addition.

Isam, what is our status so far? What's the plan (I remember you saying
something about creating a 3.3 branch on our cvs or something like

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