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Re: GNOME Desktop files

I am maybe the only one here who likes giving as much freedom as
possible to the "contributors", and I like hearing their idea very much
it makes me improve myself anyway!!! Sometimes even Nadim criticised me
of giving too much freedom!

For me the most important thing is the feeling that we ALL work
together, and that we respect each others work.
As long as this is reflected in everyones mails then I'll never oppose
anything, even if someone makes some things in his own, I then say "mm
well that wasn't a good move but ok he's working with a "good heart" on
this..." Then ok no problem, But this as long as I have the feeling it's
all for the project we want to work on. 

Even if I want I can't control a project as big as gnome and it's
becoming even bigger: more files, more ppl working on, more rules... If
every translator doesn't control himself then no one will control him,
and no one can really control every aspect of his work on the project so
respect for ourselves and for the project is very important.

What I want to say with this is: if it comes to me I would really give
you EVERY freedom you want, as long as I SEE responsability, social
cohesion, and awareness of how meaningful what you're doing is, if this
is present then my involvement will be minimal.
And that's what the paper will bring...The more responsability the
translators show, the less involvement there will be from the
coordinator, I'll be a "simple" translator like everyone (whereas simple
here is not the right word anyway...); The more I feel there is chaos
the more I'll control the ongoings of the project.


Am Samstag, den 07.08.2004, 03:32 -0700 schrieb Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj:
> --- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> [...]
> > This does not help either, if you are not happy with the work then it
> > would be as always good to point me to the problems and DISCUSS them
> > with me, I am HERE The coordinator and if you are not happy with
> > something you have to ask ME about what you are not happy with. 
> > I'm really getting annoyed... 
> > I don't have enough time, but normally I would have continued my QA
> > work
> > anyway... If you have seen how the files were before you came and
> > before
> > Abdulaziz came, you would have maybe left the gnome TP running
> > away...
> > And many did indeed!!!! There were complete strings simply copied,
> > 60%
> > of the strings had horrible grammar where sometimes I asked myself if
> > this is Arabic, maybe 20% of gnome were translated etc... Now you
> > come
> > and find that some of the strings do not conform to rules which were
> > proposed and worked on by all of us so by myself too!!! And then
> > blame
> > gnome of being "so bad"...
> My dear friend, no one accused gnome of being "so bad", and if thats
> what you understood by my messages or by Ayman's then I apologize. I
> can assure you it was no one's intention to imply that gnome's TP was
> "bad". In fact I think most people here on Arabeyes will agree gnome IS
> the best TP we have.
> I only wanted to bring a few problems to your attention, as it is my
> responsibility. Maybe I didn't do it the right way the first time and
> thats why you got annoyed, and for that I apologize too.
> > As long as I am the coordinator and as long as I know that I spent
> > some
> > work on these files, I will not answer mails like this anymore. If
> > you
> > have any problem write a complete mail citing your problems, which
> > strings you are not happy with, which words you are not happy with,
> > citing what exactly you want to be changed and letting room for
> > (and not only me) to discuss about correcting the strings and the
> > words.
> > And DONT correct things by yourself in cases where a word is
> > repeatedly
> > different, and in cases of your "so on" thingies.
> I realize that this is a team effort in a big way, and I realize the
> importance of solving problems _together_. And yet I only gave you
> small bits and pieces and small examples of the problems I faced for a
> good reason. If I were to run back to the coordinator with every little
> problem that I face and every little inconsistency, and every string I
> am not happy with (which in a big file can be around 70 strings or so),
> that will actually take more time than would be needed to actually
> solve these problems :). I thought it would be better to merely give
> you a general idea to 'put you in the picture'.
> [...]
> > I will write a paper on how to deal with QA under gnome, so that no
> > one
> > makes his own mind here, and I'll repeat this for the 1000 time, work
> > under gnome is a community work, everyone works with everyone and
> > there
> > is a coordinator who directs the whole project, who is open for
> > EVERYTHING but as long you want to be open too!
> Thank you. Now _that_ would be very helpful! My only request is that
> you leave some room for the contributors to this project to have a say
> in how things are done (I mean have at least _some_ freedom to make
> their own decisions). If I were to come to you with every little idea I
> have on how we can improve the project, believe me you would be
> flooded, and you won't like that very much either ;)
> Salam,
> Abdulaziz,
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