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Re: GNOME Desktop files

--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> This does not help either, if you are not happy with the work then it
> would be as always good to point me to the problems and DISCUSS them
> with me, I am HERE The coordinator and if you are not happy with
> something you have to ask ME about what you are not happy with. 
> I'm really getting annoyed... 
> I don't have enough time, but normally I would have continued my QA
> work
> anyway... If you have seen how the files were before you came and
> before
> Abdulaziz came, you would have maybe left the gnome TP running
> away...
> And many did indeed!!!! There were complete strings simply copied,
> 60%
> of the strings had horrible grammar where sometimes I asked myself if
> this is Arabic, maybe 20% of gnome were translated etc... Now you
> come
> and find that some of the strings do not conform to rules which were
> proposed and worked on by all of us so by myself too!!! And then
> blame
> gnome of being "so bad"...

My dear friend, no one accused gnome of being "so bad", and if thats
what you understood by my messages or by Ayman's then I apologize. I
can assure you it was no one's intention to imply that gnome's TP was
"bad". In fact I think most people here on Arabeyes will agree gnome IS
the best TP we have.

I only wanted to bring a few problems to your attention, as it is my
responsibility. Maybe I didn't do it the right way the first time and
thats why you got annoyed, and for that I apologize too.

> As long as I am the coordinator and as long as I know that I spent
> some
> work on these files, I will not answer mails like this anymore. If
> you
> have any problem write a complete mail citing your problems, which
> strings you are not happy with, which words you are not happy with,
> citing what exactly you want to be changed and letting room for
> (and not only me) to discuss about correcting the strings and the
> words.
> And DONT correct things by yourself in cases where a word is
> repeatedly
> different, and in cases of your "so on" thingies.

I realize that this is a team effort in a big way, and I realize the
importance of solving problems _together_. And yet I only gave you
small bits and pieces and small examples of the problems I faced for a
good reason. If I were to run back to the coordinator with every little
problem that I face and every little inconsistency, and every string I
am not happy with (which in a big file can be around 70 strings or so),
that will actually take more time than would be needed to actually
solve these problems :). I thought it would be better to merely give
you a general idea to 'put you in the picture'.


> I will write a paper on how to deal with QA under gnome, so that no
> one
> makes his own mind here, and I'll repeat this for the 1000 time, work
> under gnome is a community work, everyone works with everyone and
> there
> is a coordinator who directs the whole project, who is open for
> EVERYTHING but as long you want to be open too!

Thank you. Now _that_ would be very helpful! My only request is that
you leave some room for the contributors to this project to have a say
in how things are done (I mean have at least _some_ freedom to make
their own decisions). If I were to come to you with every little idea I
have on how we can improve the project, believe me you would be
flooded, and you won't like that very much either ;)



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