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Re: GNOME Desktop files

Am Samstag, den 07.08.2004, 03:33 +0300 schrieb Ayman Hourieh:
> Salam,
> Files under developer-libs don't conform to the rules either, "shadda"
> is missing almost everywhere, the same word is translated in different
> ways in the same file, and so on, I'm trying to fix the files, to see
> what I'm talking about, do a diff for libgnomeui.po or gtk+.po.

This does not help either, if you are not happy with the work then it
would be as always good to point me to the problems and DISCUSS them
with me, I am HERE The coordinator and if you are not happy with
something you have to ask ME about what you are not happy with. 
I'm really getting annoyed... 
I don't have enough time, but normally I would have continued my QA work
anyway... If you have seen how the files were before you came and before
Abdulaziz came, you would have maybe left the gnome TP running away...
And many did indeed!!!! There were complete strings simply copied, 60%
of the strings had horrible grammar where sometimes I asked myself if
this is Arabic, maybe 20% of gnome were translated etc... Now you come
and find that some of the strings do not conform to rules which were
proposed and worked on by all of us so by myself too!!! And then blame
gnome of being "so bad"...
As long as I am the coordinator and as long as I know that I spent some
work on these files, I will not answer mails like this anymore. If you
have any problem write a complete mail citing your problems, which
strings you are not happy with, which words you are not happy with,
citing what exactly you want to be changed and letting room for EVERYONE
(and not only me) to discuss about correcting the strings and the words.
And DONT correct things by yourself in cases where a word is repeatedly
different, and in cases of your "so on" thingies. conforming to QAC
rules can be done by one person, changing strings can't simply be done
like that.
Here in Arabeyes it is VERY VERY important for me that we work together,
that we consult and help each other and not make things alone, if we
don't build some sort of community then we are lost, I am interested in
good advice not in some mails which don't help me and don't help you

I will write a paper on how to deal with QA under gnome, so that no one
makes his own mind here, and I'll repeat this for the 1000 time, work
under gnome is a community work, everyone works with everyone and there
is a coordinator who directs the whole project, who is open for
EVERYTHING but as long you want to be open too!


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