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Re: GNOME Desktop files

Here are a few examples of the anomalies I've found while working on
the files. I really wish I had time to open all files one by one and
list all the mistakes but this should give us a general idea of what
we're up against when doing QA :)

* In gnome-games I found 3 different translations of the word 'reserve'
(the noun). I've seen احتياطي, كومة احتياط, and
مدّخر. I replaced throughout in favour of مدّخر. (FIXED)

* In the same file the word foundation is translated as أس in some
(and yet not all) of its occurrences. The only meaning of the word أس
I know is power or exponent, which is clearly not what is intended

* Once again in the same file I see strings such as "an empty tableu
file" translated as "طابلو كومة فارغ" and the string "It's
a draw!" translated as "إنّه رسم!". I had a good hearty laugh at
the last one :). There are just plain wrong.

You needn't worry, I'm going to give this file a _complete_ overhaul by
going through all the strings one by one, today. Lets face it, lots of
people use games!

Another example from epiphany.po:

* The phrase "disk space" is translated as "tضاء القرص", and
cookie is translated as كوكي. and even cookies is translated as

As for ignored shaddas, unnecessary hamzas, and general non-conformance
to new QAC rules, this is evident in _all_ the files almost without
exception. But of course we already knew this :)

I did not, of course, cite examples of spelling and grammar mistakes.
These are a fact of life and _yes_ so far every file I have opened
contained quite a few spelling mistakes. Duali might be able to catch a
few of these but again I would prefer going through the files one by
one if we have time.

I hope this helps clarify what we need to do regarding QA with GNOME.
It shouldnt take more than going through the files one by one and
correcting spelling mistakes and inconsistencies etc...



--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:

> You have to specify which files do not confirm and how they don't so
> that I see what has to be changed.

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