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Re: gnome status report

Glad to hear this is back :)
Just now, I've finished translating gnomemeeting.po
(670 translated messages, 4 untranslated messages.) I
promised the project's maintainer (Sandras) to finish
it about a month ago, and now it's ready.
If you are interested, I can email it to you and/or
Yes, it needs a revision ofcourse, but I really spent
quite a time translating it.

--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> Salam all,
> This is the gnome satus report for November.
> Work has been restarted on translation.
> Goals are:
> Cleaning the pos and hard work towards 2.6
> the prinicipal goal is now to work so hard on the
> strings that we get
> out from alpha and beta stage, to a codebase one can
> easily maintain and
> rely on.
> A simple merger of the 2.4 pos with gnome cvs for
> Arabbix distro. This
> was requested by Anmar in order to pull Arabbix 1.0
> out.
> We agreed that gnome is the best choice for his
> distro and now gnome is
> still far ahead of KDE in Arabization so it would be
> good to make a
> simple merger then having nothing...
> Great for this month is the reactivation,after a
> some absence, of mr
> Hassan Abdin!
> Aaaaaaaand a brand NEW member!!! mr Ahmad
> Azwawi,congratulations and
> welcome aboard!
> wonderful we are now three person in the gnome
> project with a clear goal
> and a clearer becoming string database ;) I think we
> will have a very
> bright future!
> yours
> Arafat Medini
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