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gnome status report

Salam all,

This is the gnome satus report for November.

Work has been restarted on translation.

Goals are:
Cleaning the pos and hard work towards 2.6
the prinicipal goal is now to work so hard on the strings that we get
out from alpha and beta stage, to a codebase one can easily maintain and
rely on.

A simple merger of the 2.4 pos with gnome cvs for Arabbix distro. This
was requested by Anmar in order to pull Arabbix 1.0 out.
We agreed that gnome is the best choice for his distro and now gnome is
still far ahead of KDE in Arabization so it would be good to make a
simple merger then having nothing...

Great for this month is the reactivation,after a some absence, of mr
Hassan Abdin!

Aaaaaaaand a brand NEW member!!! mr Ahmad Azwawi,congratulations and
welcome aboard!

wonderful we are now three person in the gnome project with a clear goal
and a clearer becoming string database ;) I think we will have a very
bright future!

Arafat Medini