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Re: flood of questions

In The Name of Allah

Asslam Alikoom

> 1. when translating...some lines contains '%s' should i keep it as is or i
> should write it as 's%' ...[same applies to '\n'..etc]

Write it as you see it... so, '%s' is how it should be.

but what about the following strings

acme.po (1)
anjuta2.po (33, 34)

> 3. some words...have underscore... is this a shortcut...and if its
> so...according to what should i select the arabic letter [before or after
> the letter and which letter ]

Yes, they are called accelerators.

you just answered one part... what abou the location and letter selection in the arabic translation.(which letter to select as an accelerator)

> 4. some words seems as if they are program name or constant... should i
> translate them... or should i copy them intact.

Depends. Give an example.

like GCOnf,Dia, C/C++, etc

and Asslam Alikoom

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