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Re: flood of questions


I would like to add a few things to what Mohamed has said:

From: "أبو المغيرة Abu Almugeerah"
Subject: flood of questions
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 16:50:44 +0000

In The Name Of Allah

Assalam Alikoom

i have a couple of fast questions

they are general questions.[some are stupid ...][ some maybe usefull in documenting the help files for arabeyes

I don't think there are stupid questions ;)

1. when translating...some lines contains '%s' should i keep it as is or i should write it as 's%' ...[same applies to '\n'..etc]

Well. If you are in the right-to-left mode, this may look as 's%' on the screen. The most important thing is to enter the '%' character first and then the 's' character, even if it looks mirrored on the screen.

3. some words...have underscore... is this a shortcut...and if its so...according to what should i select the arabic letter [before or after the letter and which letter ]

I think you must take care of the string context so you don't assign the same accelerator to 2 strings being in the same dialog box for example. You can assign the first letter of the word to the accelerator, if it is already taken use the second etc.


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