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Re: flood of questions


From: "أبو المغيرة Abu Almugeerah"
Subject: Re: flood of questions
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 18:45:17 +0000

In The Name of Allah

Asslam Alikoom

> 1. when translating...some lines contains '%s' should i keep it as is or i
> should write it as 's%' ...[same applies to '\n'..etc]

Write it as you see it... so, '%s' is how it should be.

but what about the following strings

acme.po (1)
anjuta2.po (33, 34)

acme.po (1) is well translated. Again, if you view it in RTL mode it may look like 's%' and 'n\' etc. In LTR you would see it '%s' and '\n'. Just make sure that when you translate the file you enter the '\' first and then the 'n'.

> 4. some words seems as if they are program name or constant... should i
> translate them... or should i copy them intact.

Depends. Give an example.

like GCOnf,Dia, C/C++, etc

As I view it, 'C/C++' should be left as is, in latin chars (and all acronyms like 'HTTP' for example). A word like 'Dia' or 'Gnome' may be transliterated in arabic chars, without trying to translate it. Other application names can even be translated partly to arabic. It all depends on the context. When in doubt, ask 'doc' :)

Anyway, people who have a longer experience than me in translation may be of a great help here.



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