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Re: KDE-i18n Project Status

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 09:12:05AM +0300, Ossama Khayaat wrote:
> Assalamou Alaikom,
> This is great. I'm able to give at least *1 hour* a day to help in KDE 
> and maybe more in the weekends.

That is great! I would suggest you take on the kdebase/ then.

> Now, before I can reall help in translation, I need help in setting up 
> KBabel.
> As I read in the translators FAQ that I must setup the Dictionary 
> Database, but I couldn't get that
> at all in RedHat 7.3. I'm using the RedHat updated KBabel (I think 
> 0.9.6) still when I goto
> Settings -> Configure Dictionary, I find only PO Auxiliary and PO 
> compendium, but not
> the Translation Database! It doesn't even appear in any other place.
> I tried downloading version 1.1 and compile it. But still the same problem.
> Am I missing the module or what?

No, you are not missing anything. Unfortunately that feature is no longer
part of KBabel, so you will have to do without it.

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