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KDE-i18n Project Status


After much confusion and some time of stagnation, I have decided to once
again take over the KDE-i18n project and act as coordinator.

I have just sync'ed the Arabeyes CVS with KDE's. Please be sure to update
your local working copies if you are working on translations.

There are several very important issues at hand.

1. If you are serious about working on the KDE-i18n project please be sure
   to reply to this post. I also need an estimate of the kind of time you
   will be able to put in. Even if you are unable to commit time at the
   moment, still do reply and give an estimate as to when you can commit.

2. Based on #1 I will assign modules to each individual. I will also post
   the list of priorities here and on the KDE-i18n project page:
   So please be sure to visit it every now and then.

3. I will follow-up with KDE's CVS branches as well. This means that the
   CVS usage on Arabeyes will be slighty different, because you will
   then need to specify the branch when you checkout and commit files
   (unless you are only working on HEAD, which is the default). I will
   also ask for translators to work on a given branch and leave another,
   as needed. This will allow us to easily move between branches and releases
   without losing effort.

Please, do respond ASAP to this. I expect responses from the people involved
within a week's time. As for newcomers, they will be auto-assigned modules
so we don't have to go through this process of, "what would you like to have
for dinner today?". That is of course, unless someone already wants to
work on something specific ;)

Thank you.

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