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Re:what is the traslation of "deamon"?

Looking it up, Daemon seems to be a variety of the Greek meaning for Demon 
which is just a general supernatural being, while demon can also mean an evil 
spirit, or a personification of evil.  I don't think that this is the 
appropriate meaning to be applied here, and I don't believe that 'Barnamedj 
Yaqidh" a wake up program' sounds completely right either (but it probably is 
anyways), but that is probably due to my bad Arabic skills, but here is the 
definition from the "the Jargon File":
--- Definition ---
daemon /day'mn/ or /dee'mn/ n.

[from the mythological meaning, later rationalized as the acronym `Disk And 
Execution MONitor'] A program that is not invoked explicitly, but lies 
dormant waiting for some condition(s) to occur. The idea is that the 
perpetrator of the condition need not be aware that a daemon is lurking 
(though often a program will commit an action only because it knows that it 
will implicitly invoke a daemon). For example, under ITS, writing a file on 
the LPT spooler's directory would invoke the spooling daemon, which would 
then print the file. The advantage is that programs wanting (in this example) 
files printed need neither compete for access to nor understand any 
idiosyncrasies of the LPT. They simply enter their implicit requests and let 
the daemon decide what to do with them. Daemons are usually spawned 
automatically by the system, and may either live forever or be regenerated at 
--- End Definition ---

On a side note, I recommend that all translators or computer lovers add this 
site to their bookmarks: http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon/, as it is the 
definitive source for the most important computer terms.  Hope this helps.

Hesham Hassan

On 11:59 أحد 17 مارس 2002, Nader Soliman wrote:
> "Deamon" is not jinni, what is close to "jinni" is demon is an evil
> spirit you can say "shaytan". Although, "deamon" and demon both
> pronounce the same, I think they have two different meaning, or at least
> two different concepts. Can any one add on this?
> Best Regards,
> Nader O. Soliman
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