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Re: Hi

I fully agree with Isam here,
one of the goals here is precisely to avoid Microsoft's mistakes when
Arabization, by making an Arabic interface easily understandable. That will
also lead to making Arabic a technical language, if you don't consider it to
be one today.


Isam Bayazidi wrote:

> Salam Abdulla ..
>          Well .. My self included in the use of an english interface .. but
> because there is no Arabic interface the computer use.. and the Linux use
> was limited to those who have good english .. It is not easy to have my
> grandfather working in Linux because he does not understand english ..
> while John's  grandmother (John is someone from an english speaking nation)
> can work flawlessly depending on her understanding of english ..
>          The whole Issue is a mater of personal preference .. if you and me
> and most of your friends ( who I am sure are good in english) want to use
> the english interface it is up to us .. but the choice of having an arabic
> interface is a must ..
> English will remain the technical language of the world .. but as of the
> user interfaces they are to be translated and customized to make it fir for
> all needs .. there is KDE in at least 20 language .. and most of then are
> not as widely spoken as Arabic ( like Hebrew or Swedish, and other
> languages that are spocken in one country ) ...
> As for the Arabic support in KDE it is there thanks to the Linux-Team (
> http://www.linux-team.org ) .. the QT libraries now support Arabic .. as
> soon as the KDE team integrate the new QT libraries with the interface you
> will see KDE's that are Arabic Enabled everywhere .
> We should respect our language more I guess ..
>                          Yours
>                                  Isam
> At 04:32 AM 02/10/01 +0400, you wrote:
> >Hi!
> >My name is Abdulla.  I am maintaining the Arabic translation of a GPL
> >accounting program.  It is called sql-ledger, and located at
> >www.sql-ledger.com.  I am not a programmer but I would like to see if
> >there is any way I can help.  The reason that I am subscribing is to warn
> >you not to translate the whole KDE interface (malaf for file,
> >etc..).  Most Arabic windows users that I know prefer to use the English
> >version but with Arabic enabled.  They do this for the simple fact that
> >Arabic is not really a computer language (I am sorry to say this but to me
> >it seems to have some validity).  I think what we need in KDE is to enable
> >koffice to work with Arabic.  Maybe an Arabic enabled icq and irc client
> >would be nice too.  I know that this is a lot to ask for now, but it is
> >what most Arabic users really need.  One problem that I faced during the
> >translation of this sql-ledger was wether to use windows fonts, or ISO
> >fonts.  I finally decided to use windows Cp fonts since that they are the
> >dominant ones.  Thats all for now, and good luck.
> >
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