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Re: Hi

Isam Bayazidi wrote:

Salam Abdulla ..
Well .. My self included in the use of an english interface .. but because there is no Arabic interface the computer use.. and the Linux use was limited to those who have good english .. It is not easy to have my grandfather working in Linux because he does not understand english .. while John's grandmother (John is someone from an english

I thought that this was a complete Arabic KDE project, but it seems that I was wrong. Anyways, I agree with you that we need to have an Arabic KDE interface for the average non English speaking user. It is very tough work, as I have experienced, to translate technical things from English into Arabic. I will search aroud your site and see if there is anyway that I can contribute. Thanks for guiding me to the linux-team site. For the others who replied, I am not insulting Arabic. I probably know more about Arabic grammer than alot of you guys/gals do. What I was trying to do realy is to focus your attention to the real work (enabling KDE to read/write Arabic) rather than an Arabic interface.