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Re: Prayertimes Plasmoid

On Saturday 12 January 2008 06:10:22 Mohammed Adnčne Trojette wrote:
> There is no accurate process, no. But we can definitely add a news and
> a link as soon as you integrate the sources in our repository (CVS,
> unfortunately).
> I would be happy to work on creating a Debian package for this.
Thanks for the offer.  I'm working on cleaning up my code and adding i18n to 
it so it can be translated at least to Arabic (its so embarrassing that I 
haven't so far, hehe...).  Hopefully in a week or two I'll be ready.  Adding 
to the CVS sounds like a great idea, I guess when I've done a bit more 
polishing we can work on creating an account for me?  Thanks.  I'll keep in 
touch on this list I guess to keep people updated or is there a better place 
for that?