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Prayertimes Plasmoid

Hi all,
  I just wanted to let you guys know that I've been working on a
prayertimes plasmoid for KDE 4.  I figured since KDE 4 just got released
that it was time for me to release what I have.

Its mostly complete.  Notification needs a bit of work, and as Plasma still
isn't quite ready or finished it may have some issues and I update it
locally to keep up.  At some point I'd also like to update the artwork and
make sure that it matches the KDE themes nicely once things settle down

Is there any process to get this application announced and linked on your
website somewhere (after review)?  I wouldn't mind adding the source to
your SVN repository, though I'd like a little bit more time to clean up
further before doing so.  Still debating where to host (locally, sf.net or
possibly you guys).  Also, I'd like to eventually get this packaged up for
Debian and other distros and my build-script is nearly complete.  For now
the application is liked from kde-apps.org:


Thanks again for your time and hope this is of use to some people out
there, comments and suggestions are very welcome.