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RE : Re: RE : 4. libquran configuration an d compilation errors + patch RE: libquran co ncerns (nabil ben khalifa) (Mohammed Adnčne Trojette)

Assalamo alaykom,

--- "A.Haq Abbad" <haqman at gmail dot com> a écrit :

> Salam
> Thanks for the fix, but testing on debian, there is
> a problem.
> first, when I compile "testquran.c" it looks for
> "quran.h" in "/usr/include"
> however, its not there, it sais "<quran.h>" missing.
> its placed in "usr/local/inlcude" the same goes for
> the lib it self! but why
> is that?

The /usr/local is the default location of the libquran
includes (/usr/local/include) and library
(/usr/local/lib). To override this and make that the
libquran includes be /usr/include and library be
/usr/lib you can instruct the configure to do so, i.e
before compiling (the make command), you issue the
command "configure --prefix=/usr" . 

> also, after getting "testquran" to compile and run,
> there is a problem:
> "Error initializing libquran, code -5" i do have
> package installed! "sound,
> receiter".
> i'll keep playing round with it.
> wassalam

I think you have touched here one of the weaknesses of
the quran app I have noticed, which is error handling
and lack of giving back to the user explicit error

The error you get is related either to the
configuration file, the data directory setting or the
installed languages, but without patching the
testquran  app to have a more explicit error I can't
say more. I will try to make this patch if you are

Nabil Ben Khalifa

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