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Re: arabic console????

Dear Moayyad,
 Dev-c++ is an IDE crossplatform compiler works under W$ and linux.i use it as my tool to train under windows .
Do,do u think i have to learn perl and python.However ,does c++ is a powerful enough to be used alone without help from another lanaguage??

On 2/19/07, moayyad sadi <alsadi at gmail dot com> wrote:
OK, for me, I use mlterm all the time, GTK+-2.0, C or python and a lot of perl
see the thwablib C code or perl scripts on www.cltb.net/downloads

what Dev-C++ ? are you using windowz ?!!

I'm working on a font called al khat al monfasel where there are no
need for shapping every letter has one shape, and it looks good
it's like the original kufi font (found on scripts on museums)

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