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Re: arabic console????

Hi islam,

I just came out from arabization experience for opensource (wwww.globulation2.org) game it will be in the next release so i tell what i learn from it.
I didn't got your Email clearly, but I think Pango is very good library it gives very impressive results, also it uses tags, but fribidi si better because it doesn't require any library like Pango (i think  Pango actually use it fribidi), and it  is very nice library to use bidi language
fribidi 0.11 still in CVS, support arabic character shaping i tried both Pango, and fribidi to arabize SDL game fribidi is easier and with only 10 line of code the game speak in arabic easily without any need to check more library and if Pango for your current platform or not .

Also be careful with your font be sure of that the font you use support Arabic, unless all your work are useless, Arab eyes has a wonderful set of fonts but some of them doesn't support some languages, you could use deja-vu sans it is  a nice one.

On 2/14/07, islam abofarha <islampharm at gmail dot com> wrote:
Hi Dear Developers,
                            I'm C++ beginners and i'm working on unicode technique to develop arabic programs .i'm trying to work on arabic console.what tools do i need?..i'm working on dev-c++ and i tried to use wxwidget but give me illegal byte squences when i use wchar_t constants...i searched the web alot i found thereis icu library but will this library solve my problem

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