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Re: arabic console????

Hi Islam,

you asked Youssef but can i suggest something the best thing is to throw yourself in the middle of the sea, this is the best method :-D IMO, how
pick a project and assign yourself a task and do it, if it is nice commit it and inform other more and more you became more familiar with open source process, look around in the opensource projects and if there a program you love and miss something so go on and add it

Best regards,
Ahmed Sayed

On 2/14/07, islam abofarha <islampharm at gmail dot com> wrote:
thanx Youssef
                     i think u right about english as a must but many times i suggested to my friends to know more about programming and the problem they face in english they don't have a strong english knowledge to advance so i think mybe by making everything arabic is another way to learn
                     i want ask u as i think you have a good experience in opensource programming.i finsihed a womderful book in c++ called c++ the complete refrence but i want to practicing on coding can u suggest some resources or method to get advance

On 2/14/07, Youssef Chahibi <chahibi at gmail dot com > wrote:
On Wednesday 14 February 2007 20:44, islam abofarha wrote:
> my idea was making a consol which can handle arabic scripts
> also maybe i can try to change the linux kernel commands by this way.do u
> think it's impossible
> islam

Try "bicon"   http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=BiCon .

I don't think translating command names to Arabic can be useful in the short
term. More advanced languages in IT don't (extreme Asiatic languages) because
English is unavoidable in mastering computer sciences. Some do that for fun,
for educational purposes, see the Chinese
http://sourceforge.net/projects/chinesepython/ and the Arabic
http://www.alrebat.org .

I guess it is more interesting to improve Arabic support in the current
console and different toolkits.
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Developer mailing list
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