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Re: Tools?

thx Youseef
   nice projects .i think they are better than autopackage as i download warzone2001 and there were some problems.but i'd like to ask are dependent files included on these packages.because to make dependency with new versions somewhat difficult as i use debian which i respect its stability and i believe it's the best system for bussiness but with personal use it's non flexible
    also,do u think using gnome api and kde api is a substitute to use glade or anjuta?
 sorry for my questions but i still a beginner in this wonderful and inshallah u will rewarded for ur effort and help
best regards

On 2/19/07, Youssef Chahibi <chahibi at gmail dot com> wrote:
On Monday 19 February 2007 05:13, islam abofarha wrote:
> thx Youssef
> what about languages.i finish theoritically studying c++ what else i can
> know...i mean PHP,Java,Perl,Python or c++ is enough.if i want to make my
> application omplented on gnome, kde ,..and other GUIs what is the tool

I think the references I cited are fine. KDE for example provides a developers
site ( http://developernew.kde.org/ ), Gnome too (
http://developer.gnome.org/ ). They provide information on how to get
involved. What is nice about open source is the community, Freenode IRC
channels like #kde-devel and #qt can be very informative.

> i have another question about making an application Distribution
> independent i accidently found Autopackage project http://autopackage.org/
> which make an installer for all linux distribution what do u think about
> that?....is there another solution.

There is also Klik ( http://klik.atekon.de/ ) and BitRock (
http://bitrock.com/ ).


> islam

-- Youssef
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