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Re: consultants wanted for designing&developping arabic -enabled- dns system

salamou alaykom,
well, this is a tunisian governmental call for offers, wich means that
a services contract will be signed with consultant and they will be payed for their job.
consultant (or group of consultants) should submit an offer. then after a public open of these offers the technically best suited (and -may be- financially lesser) will be retained. refer to [1] (fr)

The project is about developping arabic dns management tools. tasks needed for it are :

task 1 : editing Todos, considering :
- existing study and identification of taken initiatives in that domain (succes,  acquired knowledge, errors to avoid)
- study of existant standards, documetns and technical solutions
- detailed description of needed fonctionalities

task 2 : detailed conception of the solution with all its sides

task 3 : developpment, implementation and integration with existant dns system. edition of user manuel.
(fr2en translated)

for detailed tasks refer to [2] (fr)

when I first saw this project announcement I thought it may be possible experienced people within arabeyes can submit an offer, the result can be made under GPL and will serve as start for a community work with aim to be retained from all other arabic countries.

for further detailed information you can e-mail to dnsar at ati dot tn
btw i'm related in no way to ATI
salamou alaykom

[1] http://www.ati.tn/dnsar/ati-avis-dnsar-2005.pdf (fr)
[2] http://www.ati.tn/dnsar/ati-tdrs-dnsar-2005.pdf (fr)