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Re: Arabic spellchecker

Abdalla Alothman abdalla at pheye dot net wrote

Unfortunately I don't see myself qualified. If I may, I would suggest
Hamed Suhli. A good book I went through is called:

نحو اللغة العربية
Ok thank you Brother abdalla
I'll do my best,
and now we are making some elementary white paper for
classifying Arabic needs in tarmeez project  sarf&naho ... etc
but if you feed me with your needs
may be we can hunt the tow birds

I do agree with Brother Hamed Suhli that the sought task is very difficult,
but unlike Brother Hamed, I would not discourage any member working in such
task right from the beginning.
I didn't discourage anyone, and I'm sorry if being seen as pessimist
but I'm clarifying my point of view and the restraints of such aim


Hamed Suhli