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Re: Developer Digest, Vol 13, Issue 16

1- Mplayer patch is on my website. Get it from there. If you can make
binary packages for different distros I'll be happy to host them too.

2- I use nicknames for fun. Definitely no offense meant.

3- I'll gladly join any development effort whether based on phaeronix
or not. I'll also gladly submit work included in phaeronix for use in
any other distro. (GPL that is).

4- Morphix is one man based effort so is Phaeronix. Morphix built a
community, and ubuntu based their efforts on it initially. Why not do
the same for phaeronix/arabbix/<insert your favorite name>. It's all
names. In the end all we want is a well aimed, planned, documented,
and most importantly team effort.

5- While I and many like me prefer source based distros some other
people like binary package based distros. I like to mess with patches
and cutting edge stuff, other's like ultra-stable year-old stuff.
either way we use linux.
IMHO linux-live gives us a way to bring all this together. 

Anyway I am ATM building an ISO using the linux-live scripts, as a
pre-alpha of what my vision looks like. I'll show it to alaa and
Uniball, maybe even make it downloadable. Until then I prefer to keep
my mouth shut.