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QT bugs (long) list

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OK. Here's the list of bugs I'll send to Trolltech, say next Monday (sorry for 
the delay). Please send any needed objections/improvements before that date. 
These are mainly Arabic/RTL related bugs, but not only.

I'll do a wiki page later with the final version.

There's no specific order in this looong list.

1- RTL bugs:
- ------------

a- After a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true), the QLineEdit and 
QTexEdit children objects have a default LTR alignment and the developer has 
to change the alignment to RTL by hand. The expected behaviour is to have the 
alignment of any newly created QLineEdit/QTextEdit objects to RTL by default 
after a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true).

b- Almost the same as the point above. The editor of a QSpinBox is aligned LTR 
by default, even after a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true). The 
developer has to: 1- Create a derived class (the editor is a protected 
variable...) and 2- Set the alignment by hand. This is not the expected 

c- The text (Arabic or English) of a QComboBox is not aligned on the right in 
RTL mode (after a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true) :-), and in 
that case there isn't even a way to do that by hand. The same goes for QTable 
_cells_ alignment.

d- In RTL mode (again, after a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true) 
:-), the status bar messages are not shown, wether they are written in 
English or Arabic characters. In LTR the status bar messages are shown fine 
in any character set.

e- QTable has a mirroring bug. Columns are not shown properly. I signalled 
this bug more than a year ago (see bug N16335) and i was told that this is a 
known problem (due to QScrollview) and that its resolution won't happen in 
the next few releases. However, since then there have been a good deal of 
releases :-) and that was not fixed yet. Please consider that using tables in 
RTL mode is simply almost useless if this bug persists.

f- QListViews are not mirrored properly. I suppose this is related somehow to 
the point above ?

g- When using the QT Arabic translation, the OK button text is displayed in 
English. I checked that the ts file contains indeed the proper translation 
for that button. The texts of other buttons (Apply, Cancel, Defaults) are 
displayed in Arabic correctly.

h- The different QMessageBoxes (question, warning, etc) are not mirrored in 
RTL mode... ie icons are on the left, buttons are LTR. Everything should be 
RTL wether the text displayed is Arabic or English (that's we we mean by 
reveresedLayout after all :-)

i- The translation of the 'No' button (in QMessageBox) in Arabic is 'لا'. This 
is the correct translation that is indeed in the ts file used. However, the 
display shows this word doubled, ie 'لا لا'... Is that an accelerator problem 

j- In a QLineEdit the brackets are always reversed if a line begins with one 
and an Arabic is inserted following it.

2- Misc :
- ---------

a- The method QWidget::sizeHint() does not take account of the widget caption. 
Is that done on purpose ?

3- Enhancements suggestions:
- ----------------------------

a- In RTL mode, all alignments should be by default set to right, even if 
there is only English text displayed (I'm thinking here about QLabels, 
QLineEdits, statusBar etc). However, the developer should be able to change 
the alignment after the object's creation. The same goes for LTR mode: Arabic 
should be aligned on the left and the developer (and thus the user) should be 
able to change the alignment by an easy method.

b- What about adding to the library some new dialogs (like QFileDialog, 
QColorDialog..) in order to select the PenStyle and the BrushStyle (and even 
the PenJoinStyle and PenCapStyle) ? :-)

PS: Is the ts file shipped with QT updated with the library strings ?


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Youcef R. Rahal
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