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Re: QT bugs (long) list

On Friday 21 May 2004 05:10 am, Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:

You haven't commented regarding the parenthesis issue:

1. The parenthesis are always reversed if a line begins with one and an Arabic 
text follows.

> Salam,
> OK. Here's the list of bugs I'll send to Trolltech, say next Monday (sorry
> for the delay). Please send any needed objections/improvements before that
> date. These are mainly Arabic/RTL related bugs, but not only.
> I'll do a wiki page later with the final version.
> There's no specific order in this looong list.
> 1- RTL bugs:
> ------------
> a- After a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true), the QLineEdit and
> QTexEdit children objects have a default LTR alignment and the developer
> has to change the alignment to RTL by hand. The expected behaviour is to
> have the alignment of any newly created QLineEdit/QTextEdit objects to RTL
> by default after a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true).
> b- Almost the same as the point above. The editor of a QSpinBox is aligned
> LTR by default, even after a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true).
> The developer has to: 1- Create a derived class (the editor is a protected
> variable...) and 2- Set the alignment by hand. This is not the expected
> behaviour.
> c- The text (Arabic or English) of a QComboBox is not aligned on the right
> in RTL mode (after a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true) :-), and
> in that case there isn't even a way to do that by hand. The same goes for
> QTable _cells_ alignment.
> d- In RTL mode (again, after a call to QApplication::setReverseLayout(true)
> :-), the status bar messages are not shown, wether they are written in
> English or Arabic characters. In LTR the status bar messages are shown fine
> in any character set.
> e- QTable has a mirroring bug. Columns are not shown properly. I signalled
> this bug more than a year ago (see bug N16335) and i was told that this is
> a known problem (due to QScrollview) and that its resolution won't happen
> in the next few releases. However, since then there have been a good deal
> of releases :-) and that was not fixed yet. Please consider that using
> tables in RTL mode is simply almost useless if this bug persists.
> f- QListViews are not mirrored properly. I suppose this is related somehow
> to the point above ?
> g- When using the QT Arabic translation, the OK button text is displayed in
> English. I checked that the ts file contains indeed the proper translation
> for that button. The texts of other buttons (Apply, Cancel, Defaults) are
> displayed in Arabic correctly.
> h- The different QMessageBoxes (question, warning, etc) are not mirrored in
> RTL mode... ie icons are on the left, buttons are LTR. Everything should be
> RTL wether the text displayed is Arabic or English (that's we we mean by
> reveresedLayout after all :-)
> i- The translation of the 'No' button (in QMessageBox) in Arabic is 'لا'.
> This is the correct translation that is indeed in the ts file used.
> However, the display shows this word doubled, ie 'لا لا'... Is that an
> accelerator problem ?
> j- In a QLineEdit the brackets are always reversed if a line begins with
> one and an Arabic is inserted following it.
> 2- Misc :
> ---------
> a- The method QWidget::sizeHint() does not take account of the widget
> caption. Is that done on purpose ?
> 3- Enhancements suggestions:
> ----------------------------
> a- In RTL mode, all alignments should be by default set to right, even if
> there is only English text displayed (I'm thinking here about QLabels,
> QLineEdits, statusBar etc). However, the developer should be able to change
> the alignment after the object's creation. The same goes for LTR mode:
> Arabic should be aligned on the left and the developer (and thus the user)
> should be able to change the alignment by an easy method.
> b- What about adding to the library some new dialogs (like QFileDialog,
> QColorDialog..) in order to select the PenStyle and the BrushStyle (and
> even the PenJoinStyle and PenCapStyle) ? :-)
> PS: Is the ts file shipped with QT updated with the library strings ?
> Regards,

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