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Re: Debian Installer?

 --- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> Anmar, please don't use IRC for such an important topic (one of the reasons
> we are all unsure of what needs to be done and what was done and by whom is
> due to the excessive use of IRC/Chat).  Do please convey all the info you
> have/know here so that everything is archived and so that others, if time 
> allows, can get involved.

I really do appreciate this. I tell you what, things are not to my liking. In
this case, we have a patch for s-lang (http://www.s-lang.org) on which newt is
based (not sure what ncurses is doing there), already working and needs testing
and integration with another code already available.
We need to convince them (at Debian) to do this for us. But they don't care for
us, and we don't have enough Arabs who understand about that. Well we have
someone already, a bit busy, thanks.

No thought of pushing the patch upstream (s-lang). No thought of this being
needed anywhere but at Debian. Probably even at Debian Installer (anybody
thought of dselect e.g.?). We don't have resources..

Probably some people out there need to do this integration with newt (poor
fedora/mandrake..). More importantly, probably some people here in arabeyes
already interested in pushing Arabic support in text mode..

By the way, I don't qualify. I am not interested, I do not go to irc parties
(my fault), I didn't do my homework either. And I am not interested in d-i and
have never asked about that. Count me out of this nonsense.

.. getting angrier by the minute ..

Nadim, are you sure we really don't have enough developers?

Muhammad Alkarouri

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