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Re: Fedora and New projects

 --- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote: > --- Muhammad Alkarouri
<malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:
> [...]
> > Please tell us what happened. I assumed that d-i uses ncurses or
> > newt, something like that, and we weren't able to provide a BiDi enabled
> > package, not that we have something ready but they don't want to include
> > that.
> sure there).  I know from IRC that Mr. Ayman Negm (ie. 'Xsnack' on IRC) is
> working on this very subject and I'm not sure of his status - this would be
> a good thread to start on 'developer' (feel free to kick start it :-)

Done. d-i uses newt, and _they_ (why, the aliens of course) weren't able to
provide BiDi enabled package.
Mission Completed.

Muhammad Alkarouri

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