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Re: X.org influence

On Sun, 9 May 2004, Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:

> BTW, I am not aware of distros blocking Arabic/Persian inclusion because of
> the fonts ?! I just remember recently Behdad was posting to the Fedora
> mailing list saying that the font used for Persian was an Urdu (?) one... Was
> that fixed ? If this is still the case, we should insist and tell the
> distro(s) people that the case of languages that use Arabic characters is
> totally different from case of European languages.

In fact the font being used was named "KacstFarsi".  That's
unfortunate, because it's neither Arabic nor Persian, but a
Pakistani try to Nastaliq.  Moreover, it's shipped in the Kacst
package of Arabic fonts, and also named Farsi, which is itself
very wrong usage instead of Persian!!!

So what happened was that Persian was removed from the official
list of languages shipped with Fedora Core.  There were more
Persian looking fonts in the package, but again, they missed the
Persian letters...  So we are waiting for the FarsiWeb project to
release a their fonts in a good enough shape to include them in

> Salam,