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Re: i18n bug regarding Arabic-Indic numbers needinfo.

בשבת, 1 במאי 2004, 09:22, נכתב על ידי Munzir Taha:
> Will you please summarize to me the end of this story ;) If it's not solved
> please make sure a bug report is posted and let us know in Arabeyes so we
> can vote.

as far as I care, open 7 bug reports, and ask arabeyes to sign them all... 
this one has been closed in the BRANCH, and I will port to head in the near 

Next time, do open the bug before you complain, so next release we can say "so 
and so bugs were fixed regarding RTL/BIDI issues. No need to sign, if you 
notify me and I can handle it :)


diego, kde-il translation team

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