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Re: [Fribidi-discuss] Re: FriBidi's license (was - my Bidi...)

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> Of course, my entire contribution to fribidi thus far has been a single
> bug report, and suggesting a development direction for the "new
> interface" that nobody seems to like. I am not a copyright holder, and
> thus not one who's opinion binds anyone.

I really like your suggestion about doing bidi on UTF-anything,
and constantly think about it.  I have not yet found a good
solution that satisfies all my requirements:

  * No source/object code duplication.

  * No significant overhead for UTF-32.

  * No dirty interface.

The main problem is that my beloved language, C, does not have
any type of dynamism/overloading...  But I would eventually
implement it.

> Well, technically there is a Linux version of putty compiled using
> winelib. That was, however, done mostly to test winelib, and not to
> bring putty to Linux.

I have even a native PuTTY based on GTK+ installed (that was a
matter of "yum install putty"), but I wonder if anybody uses