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Re: PuTTY testing, shaping done, Little Bidi

pheww, at last, im done with PuTTY.. well almost done...

.exe is here

+ Windows DID sneak in and do some BIDI, fixed that...
+ shaping works 100%. (well, actually 98%)
+ Advanced Flipping. i.e flipping that almost looks like BIDI...
  i still think we should work on that function and improve it
  instead of adding Bidi from another Lib... take a look at it and
  Feedback would be much appreciated... it breaks
  when there is more than 1 space or commas, a few things
  that can be worked on easily...
+ LAM-ALEF... its shaped BUT, LAM is turned to the LAM-ALEF
  Glyph and ALEF is turned to space... i tried to delete the ALEF
  and shift the rest of the line 1 position to the left, but that just
  messes up the Cursor and doesnt look any better than the
  extra space... i think i'll stick with the extra space...
+ 0x671 (strange Alef) whats that..? its not even on the keyboard,
  where do u get it from..? all chars must be in Form-B so i changed
  it to some Alef (during shaping), i dont remember which...

as always, my code is very messy, will clean it up tomorow and then
commit the patch...

opinions, bugs, flaming, any kind of feedback would be great. :))


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