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Re: Long Live Owen Taylor

Great news... truly worthy of news.. :)

Thanks Owen and Behdad... great work..


Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
Dear friends,

This is my pleasure to share with you my feelings about the
patches that Owen has applied to pango CVS in the recent days.
Among many other great patches are two patches of special
interest of Arabeyes and PersianComputing communities:

Bug #70451  Automatic paragraph direction according to Unicode BiDi algorithm


But #117282  Pango can't render Arabic accents

So now it means that:

  * Pango can correctly render Arabic harakats
  * Pango can detect the paragraph direction on the fly.

Have a look at the attached screenshot from gedit, became
possible with the CVS version of glib, pango, and gtk+.  Persian
font is courtesy of the FarsiWeb Project.

Thanks Owen,




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